We are with you! 🙏

We haven’t enough words for express our feelings right now… but with these few lines we want to manifest our support to all the world. These days we are suffering a lot because of the famous virus: Corona.

We are really sad seeing whats happening around but we can’t lost the faith, we must to be together and pray! Everything is going to be ok although it seems to be a long process.

For us in Tanzania, we only have few cases (if we are correct there are only 3) but we have started with the preventions. As the government has done closing the schools, at Mama Kevina Hope Centre the children have been send back home (not all because some of them because of their familiar situations…).

Also we want to share with you this article for the Centers for Disease. Control and Prevention. It explains really well all the preventions that we have to have.

We are with you! We never lost the hope! From Mama Kevina Hope Center we send you a lot of strength and positive energy! 😃💪

Our children and us send you a lot of love ❤️

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