Happy Saturdays thanks to Nguvu Ngano!

We always say that despite the needs of the centre we have to give thanks every day! We are really lucky because we have really good people close to us who are trying to help our children as much as possible.

One of the big needs and one of the most important is the food. We are trying to be self-supply but it isn’t easy when you are feeding more than 30 children and you want to give to them the best.

Two Saturdays ago we had a really special visitor: Idd. R. Mkolamasa (Branch Manager of Nguvu Ngano – Cereals and other products board of Tanzania). They have opened a new branch in Same and they didn’t want to lost the opportunity to visit our children. They really enjoyed the time with our children and they brought more than 200 kilograms of food. We are really thankful to them, because they have understood our needs and they have supported us! So we want to say a big THANKS for them!

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