Children at the library

Our main goal is that these children can be able to be independent and autonomus in their daily life and having a career. Nowdays, the demand is growing. We are recieving more parents interested on our center because they need help with their children.

Because of these reasons we have defined these objectives for 2020:

  • Amplified our instalations for treating more children and satisfy the demanda.
  • Create new divisions in the agriculture area for giving a career to some our children, continue working on the self-supply and increasing the incomes for beign able to attend to high demand. Increasing the productivity of our garden, in order to continue working on the self-supply.

So if you want to collaborate with us in any way and being part of our BIG family. And helping us achieving our objectives through:

  • Doing a volunteer with us: we love every kind of profile but if you a physiotherapist or if you work in a area related with the health it would be incredible.
  • Supporting one of our projects.
  • Sponsoring a child.
  • Collaborating monthly or doing a puntual donation.

Therefore if you want to collaborate with us, you can do it by contacting us.

For sending a donation you can do it through our bank account:

– Account’s name: Little Sisters of St Francis

– Bank: National Microfinance Bank

– Address: PO Box 74, Same – Tanzania 

– Account number: 40510002175

– Swift Code: NMIBTZTZ Code: 405

– Concept-Others: Mama Kevina Hope Center – Children’s Support

Thanks a lot! 😀🙏

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