On this section you can find all the projects that we are working on it right now and we need support for complete them. These projects follow two objectives:

  • Projects focus on amplifying the installations of the centre: so we will be able to help more disabled children.
  • IGA (Income Generation Activity) projects: Being able to be auto self-supply, so we will reduce costs, we will give a job opportunity to some of our children and we will have a source of incomes.

So if you are interested in helping us developing these projects, you can contact us!

Therapeutic Room

Nowdays, our therapeutic room is small according the demand of disabled children. So we are looking for have a new therapeutic room. You can download the complete project here.

Sunflower Oil Machine

One of our IGA projects is having a sunflower oil machine, in order to able to produce our own consumption oil and also sell it. You can download the complete project here.

Mama Kevina Bakery

Having a bakery at our centre is our biggest IGA project. We are working really hard for achieve this objective

Let’s build something together.

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