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Entrance of Mama Kevina Hope Center

Mama Kevina Hope Center is a center for children with disabilities, located in the district of Same, in the Kilimanjaro region (Tanzania). We started working in 2008 and we are part of the Little Sisters of St. Francis de Assisi.

This is a non-profit center, due to their mision is based on solidarity and only look for the improvement of their children’s quality life.

Therefore one of the main objectives of the center is being able of self-supply. So we can find different areas focus on that, with this we are reducing costs, we continue working for achieving the self-supply and we are able to sell this products.

Mama Kevina Hope Center is clear structureted in two areas:

1. Theraphy Area:

This area is focus on realizing diagnosis and treatments asignement, for the children who are living in the center (residents) and the ones who attend to the therapeutic weeks that we have every month. Besides, we realize an screening task in order to find disabled children who live in places which are not easy to reach. Some of these children are attending to the therapeutic weeks and others recieve treatments, supports for going to the hospital en case that they need…

2. Agriculture Area:

With this area we are looking for the self-supply for feeding to the children’s center with a balance diet. Also, it bring to us the autonomy that allow us selling the products (for example: corn flour) in order to complete the cycle and afford the maintenance and management’s cost of the garden, animals, corn mill…

As we are an non-profit center, we try to be self-supply. But also we can continue working with the children day by day thanks to the help of neighbors, friends… or some NGOs such as our BIG friends of África Directo (Spain) , whom are helping us since 2011, or Same Hands (Italy)… THANKS!

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