Help!!! Starting again with the Therapeutic Weeks :)

*Updated on the 2nd of June.

Hello our friends! We are writing to you because we need your help.

As you know we had to stop the therapeutic weeks. Right now the situation with the Covid-19 and the measures of our government allows us to start again with the therapeutic weeks. So we are happy to being able starting again but we have to take care about our children and following all the instructions… so they have asked for having these materials:

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for our team formed by Bejamin (physiotherapist) and Happy, Theopista and Sofia (occupational therapists).
  • Thermometer.
  • Gloves.
  • Masks.
  • Sanitizer.

All these material costs around 1,000,000 TSHs (equivalent, approximately, to 400€). So if we achieved getting this we could start again helping the children who are waiting for attending it.

We know that this is not a good moment but if everyone help us with a little we could achieve our goal: Improving the life of children with disabilities! Therefore, if you think that you could help us you can contact us here or directly you can do your donation on this account:

Account name: Little Sisters Of St Francis

Bank: National Microfinance Bank

Address: PO Box 74, Same – Tanzania 

Account number: 40510002175

Swift Code: NMIBTZTZ Code 405

As soon as we achieve this objective we will let you know and we celebrate with you! Thanks for your support! 🙏

* We are really happy because we have achieved our objective thanks to Farfalle Di Luce. THANKS for your great support!

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