Harvesting season

One of the main challenges for us is giving to our children a balance diet. Due to we are an non-profit center and base on our objective of being self-supply, one of the most important areas is our gardens.

At Mama Kevina Hope Center we have a farm with: goats, chickens, pigs… for our own consumption and also for selling. Besides, we have our garden where we plant greens, corn, sunflowers, fruits… and our own corn mill which that we produce cornmeal and also we grain the corn for other people obtaining some little incomes.

This year we have done a big effort for having a big harvest therefore, Sister Elizabeth (administrator of the center) has looked for more gardens for planting corn… And as you know every effort have its rewards and we have been able to harvest a big quantity of corn.

During these days, everyone has helped harvesting: workers, children (only the ones that are more able to do it)… the effort has been incredible and thanks to that we have enough corn for our own consumption and for selling…

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Therapeutic Weeks – January 2020

Last January, from 20th till 31st, we had the first therapeutic weeks of the year.
These therapeutic weeks are carried out monthly, children with physical and mental disabilities. These children stay at the center with their parents, since in most cases they come from more remote and inaccessible areas. Thanks to the screening work carried out by our team. This team is formed by three occupational therapists (Happy, Sofia & Theopista), one physiotherapist (Benjamin) and Sister Elizabeth (head of the center and professional psychologist).

Sofia, Theopista, Benjamin & Happy – Mama Kevina physiotherapy Team.

The main objective of the program is not only to treat these children, but also to teach parents how to perform these treatments at home to give continuity to it.

In addition, they receive advice so that the children themselves achieve independence and autonomy, when it comes to: food, hygiene … which is pursued inside the program. And above all, that families accept and learn how to deal with the condition.

Naomi, Marian, Ivan … are some of the 11 children who received therapy last January, plus one adult. So we can confirm with these figures that we have reached the goal in terms of number of patients. Of these 11 children, 3 of them have attended these sessions for the first time. From the first day they arrive at the center a specific report is made in which the case of the patient is analyzed and real objectives are marked.

“The most satisfactory thing is to see the improvement and advances of the children” says Benjamin, the physiotherapist at the center. In addition, he tells us about the case of Ivan, a child with cerebral palsy who has been receiving therapy since last year. Benjamin tells us: “When he arrived he was not able to stand up, nor take a step… and now with help he is able to walk.“.

It should be emphasized that in addition to these therapeutic weeks, we also take care of all the children who reside in the Center and who follow an educational inclusion program.

Besides, this month we have had the support of Same Hands who have been collaborating with us since 2012, treating our children and supporting us with material for their therapies. Every January they came with a specialized team formed by a doctor and a dentist, whom not also check our children, they have a special dispensary where they check at everyone who goes there.