Work hard & be positive!

These days are not easy, we know that this Covid-19 is not only affecting to the health of the population. Economically all the world
is suffering because some business has closed, companies are firing… So now this is the moment for continue working hard and don’t lose the

From Mama Kevina we know and we understand that right now for some of
our donors is going to be difficult continue supporting us. Therefore, we are working on our gardens harder than ever. Our children are our first priority, so we want to continue providing to them a balance diet as usual.

Unfortunately, not all the children couldn´t be back at their homes for different reasons. So we have some children here despite the
schools are closed. Therefore, thanks to our work on the garden and on our small farm we can continue helping them. And we have a teacher who continues helping them with their lessons.

As we have told we understand that this is not the best moment but if you want to help us in anyway we will be really happy! Here you could find more details! 😊

Now, we only hope that this disease finish soon! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

We are with you! 🙏

We haven’t enough words for express our feelings right now… but with these few lines we want to manifest our support to all the world. These days we are suffering a lot because of the famous virus: Corona.

We are really sad seeing whats happening around but we can’t lost the faith, we must to be together and pray! Everything is going to be ok although it seems to be a long process.

For us in Tanzania, we only have few cases (if we are correct there are only 3) but we have started with the preventions. As the government has done closing the schools, at Mama Kevina Hope Centre the children have been send back home (not all because some of them because of their familiar situations…).

Also we want to share with you this article for the Centers for Disease. Control and Prevention. It explains really well all the preventions that we have to have.

We are with you! We never lost the hope! From Mama Kevina Hope Center we send you a lot of strength and positive energy! 😃💪

Our children and us send you a lot of love ❤️

Harvesting season

One of the main challenges for us is giving to our children a balance diet. Due to we are an non-profit center and base on our objective of being self-supply, one of the most important areas is our gardens.

At Mama Kevina Hope Center we have a farm with: goats, chickens, pigs… for our own consumption and also for selling. Besides, we have our garden where we plant greens, corn, sunflowers, fruits… and our own corn mill which that we produce cornmeal and also we grain the corn for other people obtaining some little incomes.

This year we have done a big effort for having a big harvest therefore, Sister Elizabeth (administrator of the center) has looked for more gardens for planting corn… And as you know every effort have its rewards and we have been able to harvest a big quantity of corn.

During these days, everyone has helped harvesting: workers, children (only the ones that are more able to do it)… the effort has been incredible and thanks to that we have enough corn for our own consumption and for selling…

Thanks for reading! 😀🌽